Our goal is to make sure everyone has the right amount of insurance

SafetyNest is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit program by Branch Insurance to combat financial inequality by working to bring the uninsured driver rate to 0%. If you’d like to support our mission, please click the button below.
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Why SafetyNest®?

If everyone had the right amount of insurance, we’d all be better off—it would keep all protected from financial peril and drive premiums down in the long run. It sounds simple, but unfortunately it's something we’re far from achieving in the United States.

Even before COVID-19, America had been plagued by extreme income inequality, resulting in many not having $500 in savings. Without a financial cushion, many have been forced to make difficult choices, like choosing to either buy groceries or pay their insurance bill: a choice carrying obvious financial risk. Since COVID-19, these problems have only worsened.

We started SafetyNest® to reduce financial inequality in America, focusing our efforts on eliminating the issue of uninsurance so everyone can afford the protection they deserve.
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Should I Apply?

If you’ve suffered a loss and didn’t have enough insurance, you should apply.
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What should I expect?

Completing a SafetyNest® application is free and takes less than a minute. You’ll provide us with some very basic contact information and give us a short description of your situation.

The SafetyNest® team will take care in reviewing your application and reach out to you in order to learn more. We understand the urgency of your situation—you will receive a decision on your application within 14 days.
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What's the catch?

There is no catch. SafetyNest® doesn’t grant loans that applicants have to pay back.

After receiving assistance through SafetyNest®, we'll help you learn more about your coverage options moving forward to help keep your insurance payments low and reduce the possibility that you ever face being uninsured again.

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"It can be so hard to know if you have the right amount of insurance, and an honest mistake in choosing it shouldn't ruin someone. Through assistance and education, SafetyNest is doing great things to help people get the coverage they need."

Dave B.

"I had been looking for something to help me... SafetyNest came through and really provided a blessing to my life."

Kat H.

“(SafetyNest) courteous, responsive and truly invested in figuring out the best way to help our employee. It was such a pleasant experience working with them.”

Marci R.

“(SafetyNest) has given me legitimate piece of mind”

Chris P.

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