COVID-19 Insurance Payments
Now, through the end of 2020, SafetyNest will pay your car insurance payment** if you're in danger of becoming uninsured due to COVID-19 related job loss.
How it works
Coronavirus-related unemployment has increased the financial stress for many of us. As a result, a large portion of our community may not be able to afford to pay their bills. We know car insurance is one of the last bills to get paid. We want to help you avoid becoming uninsured by paying your car insurance** to make sure you stay insured during this challenging time.
Branch Customers Contribute
A portion of all Branch customers payments go to fund SafetyNest
You Apply
If you are struggling to pay your insurance payment, click the "Apply Now" button
We Award
We then review and make a decision about your application
Should I apply?
SafetyNest is currently available in Ohio, Arizona, Illinois, Texas, and Missouri.

If you live in one of those states and need assistance, you should apply for aid through SafetyNest.
What to Expect
Once your application is received our team will review it to determine eligibility. As part of the eligibility process, our team may contact you to ask some follow up questions. Shortly after you complete the application, we’ll reach out to let you know if we’re able to provide you with assistance.

If you have any additional questions about whether or not to apply or the eligibility process, please contact us at (833)427-2624

Are you un- or underinsured and in need of financial help?

Apply to SafetyNest now and we’ll get you a decision on your application within a few weeks*

*Terms and conditions may apply.  SafetyNest reserves the right to accept or deny any application.
**The payment amount is $250 or the cost of a six month liability policy, whichever is less. Other restrictions may apply.
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