About SafetyNest®

Illustration of people with covered assets
SafetyNest® is a 501(c)(3) non-profit funded by Branch, an insurance company headquartered in Columbus, Ohio. Branch is driven by the commitment to help people get better, less expensive insurance because if everyone had the coverage they need, we’d all be better off.

But, in America, this dream is still far from a reality; about 1 in 8 drivers (about 30 million drivers) don’t have the insurance they need. When you factor in home insurance, the issue of underinsurance gets even worse.

SafetyNest® was created to develop programs that keep people insured. It’s one of the many ways that Branch is building a world where we can all get back to getting each other’s back.

SafetyNest®'s availability

SafetyNest® is currently accepting applications in the highlighted states below. If you are at risk of losing your car or home insurance and live in any of the highlighted states below, you should apply.
Map of the USA with highlighted states where SafetyNest is available: Arizona, Texas, Illinois, Ohio and Missouri

Where do the funds come from?

SafetyNest® is funded exclusively by Branch Insurance. The funds come from a small percentage of the money Branch makes from selling insurance. SafetyNest® is the philanthropic arm of Branch created with the expressed purpose of helping people get insured.
Photo of Branch Insurance team helping build community housing
Photo of diverse community

SafetyNest® goals

SafetyNest®’s goal is to help reduce financial inequality in the United States, focusing our efforts on eliminating the issue of uninsurance. By leveraging the power of community, SafetyNest® improves the financial stability of households with low and moderate incomes by ensuring they stay properly covered.